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Ohmtemp Products Drum Heater - Combination Heater

OHMTEMP'S Base Heaters are designed to be used in combination with our drum heaters. Normally each will use its own individual power outlet. However, it is possible to add a flanged receptacle to the above heaters so that the Base Heater can be controlled by the thermostat on the Drum or Maxi heater. There are some voltage and wattage limitations for this application, so please contact us for further information.

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If you would like to purchase a Combination Drum Heating Unit, please call us at 1-734-261-7232, or email us by clicking here.

Further Product Specifications.
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This heater is not recommended for use in Hazardous Areas or any typical Class 1, Group D areas or where flammable vapors are present!

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For each component that makes up a Combination Heater - Please select from the below list:

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Click here for Drum Heaters.
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